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"The most sophisticated chemical laboratory is far from the perfection of Natural Medicine"


Therapeutical indications:

Therapy and treatment of tumors, with or without metastases, of all types, different localisation and growth stage.

Varumin® can be used as addition of standard therapy of some acute and chronic diseases and conditions that are characterized with compromised immunity and bad general state.

Using of Varumin® is advisable in multiple sclerosis, skin diseases, hypertension and constipation. There is no possible risk of interactions if Varumin® is used during the standard therapy of malignant diseases. Such usage is even advisable, to speed up the recovery process.

Varumin® can be used during and after chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery of tumors.



Active substances in medicinal herbs have very complex chemical structures which in many cases have not been achieved by synthetic chemistry. The human body tolerates medicines produced from medicinal herbs best because man is an integral part of nature.

The extracts from herbal drugs, contained in Varumin® have wide spectrum of pharmacodynamic action. These components are widely applied in the traditional, homeopathic as well as in scientific medicine.

The most significant pharmacodynamic actions of the components are: cytotoxic, immune-stimulative, detoxificative, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbe, diuretic, anti-depressive and laxative. Because of this, Varumin® can be used as adjuvant in standard therapy of different types of diseases, characterized with disordered immune system and bad general state.

There is no evidence of undesired effects as consequence of application of Varumin®.

Mechanism of action:

Varumin® is a complex mixture of pharmaceutically processed medicinal herbs.

Varumin® is stabilizing vital processes in the cells using synergistically induced activity which comprise slow replication of malignant cells and reduction of tumorous mass.

Action is expressed based on level of Golgi apparatus, as well as on other levels in the cell. Components of Varumin® are regulating body’s immune response, which makes the product suitable for treatment of other conditions.

It is significantly increasing of appetite of the patient, and improving metabolism, blood test and easier managing with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Most important indications of Varumin are the following:

Antineoplastic – it is due the ability of the present amino acids to maintain the cell differentiation; herbal extracts also suppress the activity of tyrosine kinasa of cancer cells.

Imunostimulant – increasing non specific immune response, macrophages and granulocytes become more active and phagocytosis is increased.

Anti-inflammatory – inflammation is reduced i.e. inhibits release of histamine.

Antimicrobial – it is due to the present flavonoids in it, which on their part are more similar to sulfonamides than to other antibiotics.

Healing of skin lesions – it has stimulant effects on fibroblasts and epithelial cells.

Antihypertensive – it is assumed that this action is result of inhibiting effect on the excitability of the vasomotor centre in medulla oblongata.

Detoxificative – it increases and accelerates ethanol oxidation.

Laxative – it is the result of increasing the motility of the large intestine through inhibition of Na+/Ka+ pump and chloride ion channels.


Dosing and administration:

Adults: At the beginning of treatment drink the whole amount of Varumin® 1 one hour before meal. 6 hours after taking Varumin® 1, begin with taking Varumin® 2. Varumin® 2 should be given in soup spoon four times daily, 1 hour before meal.

Patients in worse condition and with metastasing cancer from hard tissues:
Varumin® 2 should be given in soup spoon five times daily, 1 hour before meal.

Children: Varumin® 1 content should be
taken in two equal parts during 6 hours, and 1 hour before meal. 6 hours later, Varumin® 2 should be taken three times
daily in soup spoon, 1 hour before meal. Anyway, use in children population younger than 10 years, before the
beginning of treatment, consultations with physician or pharmacist are is advisable to be made.

Duration of the treatment: Varumin® should be used for at least 4 weeks. Improved state of the patient and improved clinical results are good indicator for therapy continuation.


Varumin® should not be used by: persons which are hypersensitive to any of the components of the preparation; persons with intestinal obstruction; persons with persistent intestinal inflammation (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis); persons with inflammation of the appendix (appendicitis); persons with hyperthyroidism; during pregnancy and lactation. In these specific cases Varumin® should only be used after consultation with physician or

Special precautions:
None. Varumin® has outstanding safety profile, does not contain any chemical additives, it is composed of herbal raw materials only, which have never been exposed to toxic substances.

There are some potential effects due to presence of Aloe, but during many years of Varumin® use there are no interactions noticed. Viscum album can increase the effect of cardiac glycosides, hypotensive and
hypertensive drugs, antidepressants and anticoagulants.

Undesired effects:
Until now, there is no evidence of undesired effects from Varumin® use. During long-term use of
Varumin®, in very rare cases, diarrhea can occur.

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