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"The most sophisticated chemical laboratory is far from the perfection of Natural Medicine"


What is unique about Varumin?

Varumin acts on a level of the Golgi apparatus in the cells, stabilizing the vital processes in the cells, slowing down the multiplication of malign cells and by that reducing the tumor mass.
The extract of 50ml. start to act in about 15 minutes after the consummation, and that is on the phase for preparing the body for regeneration. That expresses with changing the colour of the skin on the patients, tones the skin and revives the eyelid. In this phase the sick organism can feel a better circulation.
In a time of 12 hours "Varumin" stops the metastases, and in the same time, the cells start to regenerate.

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Can all types of cancer be treated?

Varumin is effective with all types of cancer.
Best results are shown on soft tissues that are infected with cancer.

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Which stages of cancer can be treated with Varumin?

Varumin affects on all stages of cancer but it depends on the stage of cancer, the higher the stage is the slower the result.

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Can medicine be applied along with conventional treatments?

Yes, it can.
If it is taken before surgery it improves the general condition, increases non specific immune response, macrophages and granulocytes become more active and phagocytosis is increased. It prepares the body to withstand the surgery.
If it is taken after surgery, Varumin can kill the remaining cancer cells and it will help the organism to eject them out of the body.

Varumin can be used on patients on radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the treatment of malignant diseases, helping their efficacy so that the patient tolerates them well without the common occurrence of dizziness, vertigo, nausea and loss of appetite.

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Can I take other medicines along with Varumin, without side effects?

Any medicines prescribed by your Doctor may be taken without discontinuing the Varumin therapy.

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Is Varumin harmful in any way?

Varumin is absolutely safe and harmless.

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Is Varumin toxic? Has it been tested for toxicity?

Varumin doesn't contain any chemicals, toxins, or any other non-natural ingredients that could attack or do any harm to human body.
The data for the toxicological characteristics of the components of the product Varumin are detailed presented in the Expert’s Report issued from the Department of Preclinical and clinical Pharmacology and toxicology at Medical Faculty in Skopje.

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How long does Varumin take to act or show its effects?

In most cases, after taking the first dose of Varumin in about 15 minutes patients may feel that Varumin has started to act, animating the blood and improving the whole circulation.
Cancer patient with cancer stage 3 or higher the first obvious results can expect in about two weeks after starting whit the Varumin therapy.

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Are there any dietary restrictions while taking it?

Yes, according to the kind of desease a strict diet will be prescribed along with the Varumin treatment.

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How long will the treatment take?

There are cases where the patient is treated for a short period of time like a month or two. In most cases the treatment will take from two to six months. Also, there are cases with a very difficult form of cancer where the treatment takes longer.
Generally, it depends on the type and stage of the cancer and some other factors (does the patient take the cure regularly, is he staying on a prescribed diet...)
Each case is unique, and that's why there's no specific time frame.

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After curation, does the patient need to continue taking Varumin?

It's not necessary but it is desirable to take one dose once or twice a year.

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How does Varumin affect your body?

Varumin will improve the general state of health of the patients, pain soothing, improve the biochemical parameters and functions of all organs.

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How can I start?

To get started please fill out the form on the Contact page.
We will contact you within 24 hours.

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Varumin® is product of Inter-Evrogeneks

More information about the producer: http://www.interevrogeneks.com
More informations about Varumin®: http://www.varumin.com.mk

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