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A certificate with which confirms that Varumin is patented in the Institute for Protection of Industrial Property of Macedonia as an Anticancer preparation.


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Permission published from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia which allows the "Inter-Evrogeneks" firm, manufacturing and packing auxiliary remedial devices in fluid pharmaceutical forms.


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Varumin® has marketing authorization and is used in R. Macedonia as an herbal remedy for 3 years, in which during this period there are many positive experiences from its use.

In the period after the product Varumin has been registered in R. Macedonia, there was no application for undesired effects of use of Varumin to the National centre for Ensuing of the Unexpected Effects of the Drugs and Herbal Remedies of R. Macedonia, that speak about the safety and security of the same for the mentioned field of indications.

I consider that Varumin – product of the firm Inter-evrogeneks, Novo Selo, R. Macedonia, fulfilled the conditions on his composition and characteristics, directed for the herbal remedies of that kind and be registered in R. Macedonia as herbal remedy.

The Expert report is made by
Prof. d-r Stojmir Petrov

Varumin 1: View The Whole Expert Report.
Varumin 2: View The Whole Expert Report.


Varumin® is product of Inter-Evrogeneks

More information about the producer: http://www.interevrogeneks.com
More informations about Varumin®: http://www.varumin.com.mk

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